Formulating a Donation Policy

During our work with ICL – Israel Chemicals, which included the development of a community strategy and qualitative evaluation of the community projects, we accompanied the company through the formulation of a donation policy. The policy was prepared in congruence with the company’s social investment policy, aiming to provide a foundation for optimally managing its donation array.

The process for formulating the policy, as performed by Good Vision, included the following aspects:

  • Identifying the need for an organized donation policy with clear donation criteria.
  • Analyzing and diagnosing the company’s social investment policy, donation procedures, etc.
  • Benchmarking with related companies in Israel and abroad – Analyzing, and comparing the donation policy in various companies.
  • Preparing a donation application form, relating to issues of: the reason for the donation, project success metrics, voluntary channels, employee volunteering, measurement and assessment, avoiding conflict of interest, etc.
  • Formulating a clarification document on submitting donation applications, intended to focus the applications from social organizations and associations. The document includes topics, such as focusing the company’s social investment, donation focus, prerequisites for applying, defining the application process and evaluating them (criteria for mapping and sorting applications) and more.
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