Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

The growing global public awareness to environmental quality in recent years led to increased organizational awareness to their responsibility for the environmental implications derived of their direct and indirect activities. This understanding, together with the understanding that properly handling environmental issues yields a business advantage, reduces risks and generates a sense of trust for the stakeholders, led to the integration of environmental considerations in the business and managerial decision-making processes of many organizations.

Good Vision Services – Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability:

  • Environmental Gap Survey Examining the main environmental activities conducted at companies and assessing them against relevant environmental regulations and laws, identifying and mapping the gaps, and formulating recommendations for improving the company’s environmental performance.
  • Formulating environmental responsibility procedures and programs Defining an environmental policy and plans for integrating environmental responsibility in companies, including: identifying environmental influences, environmental performance measurement and control processes, commitment to sustainability, establishing an environmental steering committee, entering environmental joint ventures, objectives and more.
  • Preparing green purchasing procedures Accompanying companies with the integration of environmental elements within the company’s purchasing procedures, including the formulation of recommendations for implementing a green purchasing policy, setting implementation objectives and more.
  • Reporting greenhouse gas emissions to voluntary mechanisms Helping companies voluntarily measure and report greenhouse gas emissions to the Ministry of Environmental Protection or other similar entities.
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