Additional Services

We are available to provide you with a long line of additional services in all areas of corporate responsibility, including:

  • Strategic consulting for corporate responsibility Helping companies formulate a comprehensive corporate responsibility plan, including ethics, community relations, responsible purchasing, diversification and containment, environment and more.
  • Preparing and writing applications (Maala rating, Employment Diversity Award, etc.) Helping organization submit applications for corporate social responsibility awards, including Maala, Employment Diversity Award, Green City Award and others, and preparing the applications. We are familiar with the requirements for each of the awards and we know how to file the application in a manner that will maximize the chances of winning.
  • Consulting toward a responsible and diverse working environment Accompanying companies toward the creation of a responsible workplace for their employees. To this end, our services include formulating procedures on the home-work balance, recommending activities for preventing sexual harassment, advising on the promotion of health among employees and their families, employee development programs, social activities and preparing employee satisfaction surveys, and more.
  • Training, lectures, educational software development and procedure integration Providing companies with training services and conducting employee lectures and workshops on various matters related to the issue. In addition, we develop educational software relating to corporate responsibility and help organizations implement related procedures.
  • Strategic consulting for NPO’s Helping associations create social and environmental partnerships with the business sector by promoting discussion and language, leading to successful and sustainable partnerships with the business sector. In addition, we have developed a mechanism for a social and environment due diligence process for associations and NPO’s to evaluate the upcoming partnership.
  • Community project measurement and evaluation Project quality management, determining metrics for evaluating project effectiveness, defining inputs and outputs.
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