Corporate Responsibility and Assurance Reports

A corporate social responsibility report is a managerial and image tool for maintaining direct, transparent and credible relations with the stakeholders. There are many advantages to publishing a corporate social responsibility report – the report is a managerial tool that enables a comprehensive mapping of activities and influences, and allows for setting objectives for improvement. As such, it enables risk management and control. In addition, it is an image tool that positions the company as responsible and “sustaining”, enhancing its reputation.

Good Vision Services – Corporate Responsibility and Assurance Reports:

  • Preparing corporate responsibility reports based on international methodologies (GRI, SASB, Integrated Report) The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a standard underlying reports that involve stakeholders, intended to develop and distribute reporting guidelines for sustainable development applicable around the world. These guidelines are intended for organizations that wish to voluntarily report the economic, environmental and social dimensions of their activities, products and services. Good Vision is highly experienced with preparing corporate social responsibility reports based on GRI guidelines, as well as other customary guidelines, such as SASB, and with conducting preliminary dialogue with stakeholders to determine issues of substance. We are also able to help organizations report using the Integrated Report methodology – the most innovative methodology available today, which combines the company’s financial reports and its corporate responsibility report.
  • Assurance Concurrent to our assistance with formulating corporate responsibility reports, we help organizations perform due diligence regarding their corporate responsibility reports (Assurance) – monitoring the manner in which the report is written and the final result, and verifying the reported information based on leading principles and standards (AA1000 and ISAE 3000), which instills confidence among the stakeholders, by which the report is properly written.
  • ESG Investor Relations Consulting There are currently over 600 channels for rating companies by ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance, making it difficult to navigate the field. Companies receive more requests for information than they did in the past and from a wider variety of rating organizations. Merely choosing whom to work with is a challenge that requires time and effort, seeing that the various ratings are congruent and often duplicated. It is not just the number of organizations that is increasing, but also the complexity of the ratings, increasing the number of surveys, their components and questions. At Good Vision, we will gladly help map the various ratings, prioritize them and decide which one to report to. We will help compile consolidated information and data for each of the selected ratings, optimize the company’s results in the selected companies, maintain direct contact with the reporting organizations and improve the company’s reporting platform based on rating requirements. Good Vision’s ESG model enables companies to navigate easily through the world of ESG analysis.
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