Ethics and Corporate Governance

In a complex global world, businesses place a growing emphasis on ethical conduct toward individuals, society and the environment. Where organizations were once measured against an exclusive criterion of annual profit, they are now measured by the manner in which such profit was gained. Formulating an effective ethical plan and integrating and ethical code and values within organizational operations, enables proper risk management and increases the competitive advantage. Concurrently, corporate governance is the manner in which corporations are led, directed and supervised by the leading entity – the board of directors. Proper corporate governance leads to business growth and enhances confidence among the investors and other stakeholders.

Good Vision Services – Ethics and Corporate Governance:

  • Accompanying the development of an ethical code Good Vision helps organizations develop and formulate an ethical code that suits them, based on many years of experience accompanying companies in all sectors of the economy. We identify the need and are prepared to offer complimentary services toward preparing the ethical code, such as establishing an organizational array (Ethics Commissioner, Ethics Committee), integrating ethics within the organization, integrating the audit code and more.
  • Developing the ethical code integration plan and teaching its implementation Formulating an ethical code is the first step, but without proper integration, matters may remain “on paper” only. We accompany our clients through the development of an ethical code implementation program throughout the organization and teach them how to implement the code, step by step. In addition, and as part of the integration plan, we conduct manager and employee workshops on ethics and values, and develop games and educational software.
  • Corporate Governance Code Formulation – Board of Directors Operating Code Good Vision accompanies organizations toward formulating a corporate governance code and working procedure for the board of directors. After diagnosing the situation and offering suggestions for improvement, we will help formulate a procedure to regulate the activities of the board’s chairperson and directors and of the company’s management. Other complementary services offered in this field are creating board member and management workshops and training sessions, training new directors and preparing a director portfolio, establishing an effective company secretariat, accompanying board establishment, setting the board structure and defining director profiles.
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