Good business begins with
corporate responsibility
Good business begins with
corporate responsibility
Good business begins with
corporate responsibility

About Us

Good Vision of the Fahn Kanne-Grant Thornton Group is Israel’s leading consulting firm for planning and managing corporate responsibility processes in businesses. Since its inception in 2002, the Company operates as a one-stop-shop for corporate social responsibility. It is among the pioneers of the field in Israel, with a holistic view of all areas of corporate responsibility and the interfaces between them. Read more

What is corporate responsibility?

Corporate responsibility is the manner by which an organization integrates fairness, social, environmental, economic and ethical considerations in its values and operations, as it strives to achieve long-term business success. Corporate responsibility contributes to the image of the organization and to employee satisfaction, enabling efficient resource management, streamlining and savings, reducing risks and generating innovation and organizational learning. Read more

Our Services

אחריות תאגידית בעסקים

Ethics and Corporate Governance

Integrating an ethical code and values within organizational operations and maintaining proper corporate governance, reduce risks and increase the competitive advantage.

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יועץ אחריות תאגידית

Corporate Responsibility Reports and Assurance

A corporate responsibility report is an administrative and image tool, and a means for conducting direct, transparent and reliable contact with the stakeholders.

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אחריות תאגידית

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

Integrating environmental considerations within business operations reduces risks and costs and generates trusting relations with the stakeholders.

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ייעוץ אחריות תאגידית

Community Involvement and Stakeholder Dialogue

Implementing a community strategy that complies with the organization's core operations, generates a significant added value.

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“Added Value”

Bank Mizrahi Tefahot decided to promote a flagship community project for people with special needs. The project, “Added Value” consisted of preparing a catalogue, first

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