About Good Vision

Good Vision – Good business begins with corporate responsibility

Good Vision of the Fahn Kanne-Grant Thornton Group is Israel’s leading consulting firm for planning and managing corporate responsibility processes in businesses. Since its inception in 2002, the Company operates as a one-stop-shop for corporate social responsibility. It is among the pioneers of the field in Israel, with a holistic view of all areas of corporate responsibility and the interfaces between them. The Company offers a wide variety of services, with hundreds of projects managed for dozens of customers operating in all fields of the Israeli economy, as well as cooperative ventures with many global organizations. Inter alia, we specialize in strategically planning social, environmental and ethical projects, executive project management and process integration within the said organizations.

Our Vision

We strive to integrate issues of corporate responsibility within the strategic thinking and work plan of each corporation. As a business-consulting firm, we focus on the company’s business objectives and values, thus we advise and accompany our clients with a vision that is appropriate and which leverages the company’s values, needs, positioning and branding.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to lead our clients in the local and international markets to comprehensive and responsible corporate responsibility. We focus on our clients and their needs, striving to provide them with knowledge and advanced solutions derived from various sources around the world. We are committed to maintaining a professional, proactive, attentive and ongoing relationship with our clients.

Our Network

Good Vision’s affiliation with Grant Thornton – a leading global group, enables us to utilize information, current work methodologies and cumulative experience from dozens of countries and markets, rendering them accessible to our clients.

In addition, Good Vision is the exclusive representative of Good Business England, a leader in this field in Europe.

Good Business

Our Team

The team consists of account managers, internal and external consultants, who offer each client personal accompaniment and attention. We integrate or business-strategic experience with our experience with non-profit organizations, presenting a profound understanding and practical knowledge of various issues relating to corporate responsibility. All of these elements are translated into innovative thinking and effective operations at the interface between business, community and the environment. The team presents multidisciplinary experience and a strong desire to create an added value for our clients. We invest in studying and specializing, providing our clients with a strong foundation to rely on while operating proactively and discretely.

Ivri Verbin, our founder and CEO, has been involved in corporate responsibility for 15 years. He is among the pioneers of the field in Israel, educated in leading academic institutions in Europe. He lectures and writes articles on the issue and he also published a book on corporate responsibility, published by Matar Publications. In addition, he is a member of Grant Thornton’s international corporate responsibility team.

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