Evaluation of Employment Terms according to Standard SA8000

More and more suppliers and retailers are taking responsibility for their workers’ employment terms. The standard known for social accountability is SA8000. The standard examines compliance with labor laws, occupational hygiene, environmental conditions and employee comfort. The standard is based on accords reached by the ILO (International Labor Organization), UN (United Nations) and local laws. SA8000 is laterally applied throughout the industry as a common language and a customary method for monitoring social accountability in organizations. Every organization that implemented this status, adopted working procedures and policies that protect the basic rights of all company employees. At Good Vision, we evaluate companies against the SA8000 and ETI standards, presenting suggestions for change as needed. At Sainsbury – Britain’s second largest supermarket chain, Good Vision helped with the assessment of various companies, including agricultural companies in the Aravah, which supply vegetables to the chain. The process included an assessment of the employees’ working environment and social conditions, interviews with plantation managers, interviews with plantation employees and, of course, a review of payment documents and working conditions.

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