Preparing Corporate Responsibility Reports

A corporate responsibility report is a work tool for managing firm activities regarding corporate responsibility and stakeholder involvement, based on GRI reporting principles.

Good Vision prepared several corporate responsibility repots for El Al. Defining the essential topics addressed in the report required a structured work process, including:

  • Interviews to identify topics of essence to the report, including meetings with the Interorganizational Communications Forum, division managers and other relevant factors in the company. Various issues, which they consider significant to the company’s activities, were raised in the said meetings.
  • A process for identifying the main issues for El Al stakeholders, based on interviews, conversations, surveys, questionnaires and feedback.
  • Benchmark performed against corporate responsibility reports issued by leading international airlines.
  • Review of media publications relating to El Al.
  • The GHG carbon footprint was calculated as part of the report.

As a result of the above, a list of substantial topics was prepared, comprising the base for preparing the reports. The reports were also prepared in English and distributed to all El Al offices around the world.

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